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Apart from bespoke One-To-One Consultancy (which is still available - message me!) all my coaching and training is now delivered as Bite-Sized Modules,   The Modular format is quicker, cheaper and more convenient than traditional half-day and one-day training courses.   Each Module consists of two 90-Minute Tutorials held on separate days, with exercises after Tutorial #1. Discussion and feedback in Tutorial #2 This format replaces all my previous training courses in Media, Presentation, Leadership and Management.   The modules can be delivered one-to-one or to groups of up to four people. 

Media Training: 

How to Get the Media Interested 
How to Handle the Media 
How to Communicate in a Crisis 
How to Talk to Print Journalists 
How to Excel on Radio 
How to Triumph on TV 

Presentation Skills: 

How to Be a Great Presenter 
How to Engage and Inspire an Audience 
How to Spot and Tell Your Best Stories 
How to Optimise Words, Voice and Body 
How to Communicate Complex Ideas 
How to Use Humour to Reinforce Your Point 

Video Skills: 

How to Set Up Lights, Camera, Mic, Background 
How to Run a Zoom Meeting 
How to Perform on Camera 
How to Interview and Be Interviewed on Video 
How to Make a Video on your Phone 


How to Lead with Confidence and Style 
How to Motivate Your People 
How to Implement Change 
How to Deliver Difficult Messages 
How to Handle Team Conflict 


How to Be Happy and Effective in Your Team 
How to Handle Challenging Customers 
How to Manage Your Boss 
From £500 per module for 1-4 people. 
Ask me about retained services, regular bookings and webinars. 

“I rarely mark course content so highly. I found this one interesting, educational and entertaining.”  

Ken Findlay, Newbury Building Society 
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