inclusive communication 
As a HOST/MC I have chaired TV, radio and live conference discussions, including a Brexit debate, and have presented industry awards. 
As a JOURNALIST I’ve interviewed everyone from Prime Ministers and captains of industry to Gypsies, Travellers and homeless people. I've covered major international stories including an air crash and a mining disaster. 
As a FUNNY SONGWRITER/PERFORMER I’ve sung on live TV dressed as a Page Three Girl from The Sun; I’ve handed out leaflets in the street while dressed as a body-sized condom, and presented a tribute to National Prune Week. 
More seriously, I’ve studied communication from the perspectives of the printed word, radio and TV; dramatic scriptwriting and storytelling; advertising and marketing; chimp behaviour and evolutionary anthropology. 
During lockdown I underwent Dr Lynda Shaw’s Neuroscience Professional Development Programme, so that I could examine communication from a brain perspective. 
I also received a diagnosis of Dyspraxia from occupational therapist Linda Plowden. 
So I have plenty to talk about, and am a safe pair of hands! 

“Tony gave a great presentation – knowledgeable, interesting, useful and laugh-out-loud entertaining”  

Helen Davies, Audience Member 
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