Posts from December 2020

The Covid19 pandemic is turning the world upside down. 
So let’s take the opportunity to turn crisis communication on its head too. The traditional ‘corporate voice’, where everyone’s remorselessly cheerful and bad news gets discreetly airbrushed, is looking increasingly outdated. More and more organisations are declaring a social purpose beyond simply making money. Others are committing to not damaging the planet. Extinction Rebellion’s exhortation to ‘tell the truth’ strikes a chord with many. 
But old habits die hard. It’s tempting to say ‘no comment’ or pretend that everything is rosy when it’s not. And even if you have what my old Catholic priest used to call a ‘firm purpose of amendment’ – i e, you’re a sinner now but you really really REALLY want to be good – you have to start somewhere. 
So hopefully this checklist will give you some ideas. 
Are you feeling unusually warm today? It might be a random weather variation … or it might be that the world is getting hotter. 
Alternatively, it might be the uncomfortable feeling that those pesky media types will be knocking on your door any minute to demand answers to some awkward questions. 
I had an urgent request yesterday (Sunday afternoon) from the CEO of a company actively involved in the fight against Coronavirus. 
He’s a very proactive leader and wants to encourage his people by letting them know he’s doing everything he can for them even though he can’t get physically close at the moment. 
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